We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization which supports the
local non-profit community
by organizing Rock-It Concerts and Events.
Our mission is “changing children’s lives through music”




In 2001, Mark and Cindy McCollum found themselves facing their three-year-old son's Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. Inspired to do what they could to help find a cure, the couple launched themselves into uncovering ways to improve his quality of life and overcome his diagnosis.

Through their son's passion for music and playing the drums, Mark and Cindy had the opportunity to team up with the Indianapolis-based band Réaul, and Rock-It To A Cure was born.

Using rock 'n roll as a way to unite for a good cause, Rock-It To A Cure has grown from our humble beginnings in 2010 into a force for good, bringing together an incredible lineup of local and national bands while making a significant, positive impact on the charities and causes closest to our hearts.

In 2013, when Rock-It To A Cure officially became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we expanded our vision and mission to include additional fundraising events and partnerships with other causes. We are, and ever will be, committed to changing children's lives through music.


The Caroline Symmes Cancer Endowment

Making an impact is easier when you work together. That's why each year, we choose a special cause to partner with to bring more attention to those children and individuals who can benefit from our passion for changing lives.

Caroline Symmes was 5 years old when cancer ended her life. Out of tragedy, this foundation was born to fund research and inspire hope in future pediatric patients and their families.

Caroline Symmes was three years old when she was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor Disease. As the most curable type of kidney cancer in adults and children, Wilms Tumor has a 90% survival rate. But Caroline had a very aggressive tumor, and with so little in the way of research for pediatric cancers, her physicians quickly exhausted their options to treat the disease.

She never cried or complained. With an old soul and a big smile, she lived her life to its fullest.

Caroline lost her future not because of a lack of care or resources, but because of a lack of funding for pediatric cancer research. The Caroline Symmes Endowment for Pediatric Cancer Research at Riley Hospital for Children is the gift she lives behind, so every child with cancer can live with hope for a bright future of their own. 

To learn more about the history of pediatric cancer research and the need for funding, visit


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