2016 Cause

Making an impact is easier when you work together. That's why each year, we choose a special cause to partner with to bring more attention to those children and individuals who can benefit from our passion for changing lives.

The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation (DRIF)

This year, Rock-It To A Cure is proud to partner with DRIF. The Diabetes Research Institute is a world leader in cure-focused research and is home to the largest and most comprehensive research center dedicated to curing diabetes. They are aggressively working to develop a biological cure by restoring natural insulin and normalizing blood sugar levels without imposing other risks. The mission of the Foundation is to provide the Diabetes Research Institute with the funding needed to discover a cure for diabetes now. For anyone who has dealt with or known someone who suffers from diabetes, it is a disease that must be monitored every hour of the day. For children, this can greatly affect the joys and freedoms of childhood that many of us take for granted.